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If i were a teacher I'd get an octopus, replace the black ink with red ink and use it to grade papers. That shit would get done fast.
 Fox News can blow me. 
Mostly since their idea of debate is "Whoever can talk louder wins."  And as soon as the Fox reporters gets a last word in they end the segment out of fear the other guy may get a solid point in. They're alot like a kid who invites you over to his house to play a board game, and if he's not winning he'll put the game away and tell you to go home.
 I wish I felt a bit more inspired to write more about them, considering they have it coming. Oh well.
Man, for a short month February is taking forever to be over. I want Watchmen allready.
Here's a hint of advice: Never use the calculated shipping when you sell something on Ebay. I sold my first painting and I was happy until I went to mail it and found out the shipping wasn't around $8 like calculated. Ended up costing me like $30 after everything.

So here's the math:

I sold the painting for $50

-$25 in supplies to make painting.
-$30 for shipping.

-$5 profit.

Thanks Ebay, I should've kept the damn thing.
Yesterday my friend farted at my house. This fart was easily the worst thing ever to be invented. It's like beef stew died, and it's ghost decided to dance around my living room.
 My kitty Galactus is sick. I'm sure it's nothing life threatening, I'm just wanting him to get better. I swear I'm one of a very small minority of straight men who enjoy cats as opposed to dogs. ANYWAYS..

 My Valentine's Day was good. First ever as a married couple, Wendy got me a card and a toy of The Flash. I got her a card, chocolates, booze and a mix CD of cheezy ass 80's love songs we could listen to in the car (REO Speedwagon, Journey, Foreigner..etc) so not bad.

 I dunno why I'm posting...
I finally got an autographed copy of the bible...it's signed by my buddy Steve.

..I dunno, I said it while high and thought it was funny.

Feb. 11th, 2009

People who drive Hummers are dickheads. It's not enough that they take up 3 parking spaces but all the parking spaces are handicapped and they tend to park ontop of some kind of endangered species to boot.
After watching my favorite movie from my childhood last night, I realized one reason I was such a strange kid was perhaps because my favorite movie involved a wolfman being kicked in the balls, and dracula shooting lasers and blowing people up.

Street Fighter 2

Just started writing and came across this memory and started laughing to myself. Thought I'd share.

 When I was a kid, like 5th 6th grade back in 1992, I got picked on horrendously. Other kids would throw books at my head while in class while the teacher's back was turned, I'd pick it up to throw back but the teacher would turn her back just as I was hurling whatever Choose Your adventure book at other kid only to be the one who got in trouble.
 Now about this time Street Fighter 2 came out and I would go down to the little liquor store after school and play. I actually got pretty good, and by pretty good I mean I could beat the asian kids on occasion. So with this new found skill I had I decided next time a bully picks a fight with me I'm gonna use the moves form Street Fighter on them!

 Low and behold, not soon after my decision somebody decided to pick a fight with me, and I tried my hurricane kicks, my Shoryukans, and I think even a flying headbutt was thrown in there. Anyways I must've looked pretty stupid as I was a fat kid trying to do these physically impossible martial arts moves or the fact I was making sound effects while doing it.